Is my doctor not taking me serious??

Gabriela • First time mom. 23. Due 06.26.17
So on Tuesday I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant, but I was spotting so I called an OB/GYN one that I had never gone to so I could find out what was happening. So all she did was exam me, and they did blood work. I was about 4 weeks. She asked me to come in again, on Thursday to check the PH Levels. Which I am waiting on for Monday. 
I did go back and ask them to do a Pap smear since I was having severe itching and was scared I could have an STD, and they also did an transvaginal ultrasound to rule out ectopic pregnancy. The results were that I had the start of a sac in the uterus.
Only thing I find weired, is that she didn't even give me a paper with meds I could take or couldn't take, she didn't even give me a pregnancy book, or prenatals. I feel like she is not taking me serious at all, probably because I look so young. I'm 23 but look 15. Whatever the issue I don't think she is that good. Or do you guys think I'm being impatient. Did you guys get prenatals before your second PH levels test.??