So I met this guy on tinder and I really like him and he likes me also. We were supposed to hang out yesterday but it did not happen. He promised he would make it up to me and it would be an even better date. He is a very sexual guy but I am very shy. I really like to meet the guy and get to know him before I have sex or show him my body. I am not the hook up type. I also think it's more exciting and fun when in person. He has wanted pictures of me and I have sent only things I am comfortable with but he keeps asking for more. Now he wants nudes and I really don't feel comfortable with it. I told him that but he keeps asking. I'm afraid if I don't send them he won't be interested in me anymore. I know that I want and should have a guy that respects what I say. 
What would you guys do? How would you say no and really get the point across? I know no should mean no to him and that scares me also but I really like him.