opinions needed

Okay dolls! My boyfriend and I only get to see each other on his 1 day off a week since he lives a little further away. For the past month we've had unprotected sex (risky I know but my hornball self can't help it 😂) he always pulls out and we have sex atleast 8-16 times when I do see him. The most recent time however, which was last week it was so passionate that he didn't pull out. The past couple days my breasts have felt as if they were 5 tons (im a B cup) and my nipples feel like they're being repeatedly pierced and crushed by a hammer, hurt worse when the get hard and are agonizing when my shirt rubs against them. My stomach has been slightly qweezy, sharp cramps near my lower abdomen and back and I'm 10 days late. I haven't taken a test yet but plan on getting one soon I just want to know if I'm going crazy or not.