are my symptoms similar to yours?

Hey ladies! I'm five days late on starting my period, and I want to wait atleast a week before testing, because it's be just my luck Aunt Flo comes right after I test lol. But I want to know what kind of symptoms you ladies had leading up to you finding out you were pregnant. Okay, so for starters my flow was on the lighter side which is totally not typical for me. And since then my skin has been super oily. These past couple weeks I've been having random hot flashes, feeling dizzy,waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm going to puke, and been really picky about what I eat. I've also been having headaches, cramps, feeling bloated, and lower back pain. Along with lots of clear watery discharge. I'm not currently ttc but if it happens it happens, I'm in a very stable relationship and we're well set. So please tell me your early pregnancy symptoms.