weird stuff

Hey ladies, 
so I'll start from the top a few days before my fertile period started my boyfriend and I had sex, and he was slightly concerned he might have ejaculated a little inside of me, but he relaxed and was okay with it. Well 4 nights ago I had a dream about he and I finding out we were pregnant and being excited all of that jazz, now when I was with my ex husband I only had dreams of myself and having a toddler but never being pregnant. Well, two nights ago we were over at a friends house drinking and having a blast. She has an almost 5 year old and a 3 week old and while I was getting ready to leave her oldest comes up to me, points at my belly and informs me that I have a baby in there. His mom started laughing and telling me I better watch out, kids can sense stuff like that lol.
I'm not overly concerned about it and I'm trying not to get worked up over something that might not be true AF is 5 days out still, but do any of you ladies have any insight? Sorry for the weird hour, I work overnights in a hospital and it keeps weighing on my mind.