He's back at it again...


Okay, I just want to share a cute story about what my boyfriend did for me for the past two days, so tune in! (photos for proof)

My last post was about the chocolate and heat pack unicorn my man brought for me on my period and it received a lot of attention, and it's fair to say that he is back at it again!

Coming home from a family dinner I open my door to find my room lit with a dozen candles, I was definitely confused. Then I see my beautiful boyfriend sitting on the bed with pink rose flowers, a teddy bear, a basket full of chocolates (my most favorite chocolate) a 3 page letter essay on what he loves about me and our relationship and his most favorite memories and this adorable little jar he created called the 'good morning jar' for when he's not there in the morning. This jar has a hundred or so little pieces of paper with cute messages on it. He jumped up and hugged me very tight while I cried my eyes out (tears of happiness) the next morning I received my pampering (a term used by us to describe back tickles and arm tickles and head scratches) I woke up to two burnt crumpets s, which was adorable because he knows I love them, but he doesn't know that our toaster burns things quickly. He then gave me a necklace with the initial of his first name on it. A gift I mentioned to him a while back which I

Said I wanted. After breakfast, he went through my cupboard and chose my outfit for the day then we rushed off to the train station to a mystery destination. On the long train ride to the city he devised a plan. We played a game that whenever I get the question right, I get a chocolate. The questions were based off our relationship. First kiss destination etc.. He was adorable because he brought with him, a tin of pineapple, a stick of kabana, twix and tuna crackers because those are my most favorite foods in the world! We walked to our destination which was finally revealed to be the aquarium. I love the aquarium. He knows I am so fascinated about those things and took me there. The entire time he took photos of me. He didn't care who was around or what he looked like, he just wanted to capture photos of me in my element and at the end of every photo he would compliment me. At the end of our journey he brought me this pearl kit. It's a kit with a live mollusk with a real pearl inside. You have to break it open and see what type of pearl is inside, then put it in the necklace provided. I got a black pearl. Super rare. He then took me to dinner and surprised me by having all of my main friends there. I got garlic prawns. I goddamm love garlic prawns. Then it was to my final surprise. He cleared out his shed and put his bed in there, with candles everywhere, a TV for movies and a lot of blankets and pillows for the best cuddles. The next day consisted of lounging about, cuddles and Ben 10 because of the nostalgia. I love him so much and I am incredibly lucky.