Need advice

So I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I'm over joyed. I had a missed miscarriage in may with very bad hemerageing and it devastated me I had 2 children and just didn't really undstand why it happened if I had already had healthy pregnancies but I moved on very depressed. Well actually I was angry just full of anger for 2 months and I couldn't wait on people at work if they had babies because I'd cry. Well I never had a period after that happened to me so I finally went to the Dr and found out i was pregnant again and 9 weeks further then I made it last time yet I was and still am scared to death of it happening again. Moving on my husband has been a complete jerk through this pregnancy he didn't want to go to the ultrasounds I don't mind the Apts but the ultrasounds are important to me but I guess not for him. And I finally called him out on being so mean with this pregnancy and he told me he didn't want a baby and it's bad timing and that he didn't even want a baby last time when I had the miscarriage and he saw that as a sign it was a bad time and getting pregnant now was a mistake. We have been married for 2 years together 5 we have a daughter together already that he was super supportive with and excited about the whole time and then I have a son from a previous relationship that he has taken in. I don't understand my husband or why he would tell me after I'm pregnant after he knew that's what I desperately wanted again and that I thought we were trying but apparently it was just me. I don't understand the bad timing because we are financially stable have a house and vehicles and we both work we do pretty well and are wise with money. So of course my first instinct was he's cheating he has to be so yes for once in our whole relationship I snooped in his trucks found nothing. Snooped on his phone and of course found nothing. I even snooped in his side of the closet and dressers and found nothing then felt like a crazy idiot then broke down crying because I just don't understand why all a sudden he changed his mind. And has to be mean about it saying he won't go to the Apts or ultrasounds he could care less on finding the sex out and he won't talk names with me he just gets mad every time I bring up anything about the pregnancy or baby yet I'm confused because it takes 2 and he knew I wasn't on anything and that I wanted to get pregnant so I'm confused a bit. And then I'm angry and I don't know if it's hormones but a part of me doesn't want to spend my life with someone that could be such a ass hole after what I went through with the loss and how he's making me feel now. Or that I have to feel crazy going through all his things looking for some explanation because he won't give me one besides it's bad timing! Like how Is he going to treat me after the baby is born or treat the new baby a part of my in stinks is saying run get out now before the problem progresses. Then another part is like maybe he will be more excited later when I'm showing and know the sex. I've been a single mom before I did a very good job I know I could do it again. It would hurt but being in a relationship that just changed out of know where with a pregnancy I thought was planned isn't going to keep me happy it hurts as well.