think it might be time

All day yesterday I was nesting like crazy. I also had to poop a ton! Like every time I peed I had to poop. I thought it was just because I had eaten a lot of fruit the day before, but now I'm not so sure. I have a strong backache like I used to get with my periods, and a strange tight achy pain that comes around from my back to the top of my stomach almost constantly. I can't feel any increases in pressure or pain that I could call a contraction, but I'm wondering if I might be about to go into labor. 
I'm 35+2. Baby has been measuring 2 weeks ahead at growth scans and has been head down for weeks. My doctor said last week if I went into labor now they would not try to stop or delay it at all. 
I am being monitored for very mild preeclampsia and we are waiting on test results for cholestasis. 
I've been restless all night. Able to sleep, and not in pain exactly, just uncomfortable and achy. Any thoughts?