I married my father!

I married a man that resembles my father, in the sense of bad habits and characteristics. My father was an alcoholic. He wasn't abusive but he also wasn't around when it came to special times in my life. That affected me a lot growing up. 
My husband of two years also has an alcohol problem and for the longest I kicked it under the rug. Well now I'm pregnant and my anger and resentment regarding this has grown a lot. I have two other children from a previous marriage and my husband has no children. I don't want to be with him nor do I want to have his child anymore. I am currently 2 months pregnant. 
All I can see in the future is me raising three children alone as a single parent because the marriage isn't going to work. 
I really want to save myself from this hurt and pain. My husband doesn't want to go to AA meetings nor does he want to do counseling. I feel like I have no other choice but to leave this  destructive marriage. I don't know what to do. Any advice would be beneficial. ❤️