amniotic fluid?

I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow is why I'm asking on here instead of just going in to get it check out now. Anyways yesterday morning I woke up, went to the bathroom and my undie was sorta wet. Didn't think much of it since it's my first time seeing it. Went out and walked for about an hour. Came home an took a nap. Woke up to use the restroom and had another wet spot. So now I'm curious and decided to put a panty liner on. Went out for another 1 hour walk, checked my liner and it was sorta moist not really tho. So I tried the empty my bladder and laying down for 30min-1hr check. When I stand up I don't feel any trickling or anything but the liner is always moist. I don't get wet spot like I was getting in the beginning. I will be asking my doctor tomorrow but was wondering if this ever happen to any of you ladies?  I'm also 37+4 days