coworkers who are inconsiderate

Where I work there are three coworkers that smoke cigarettes. One of them sprays perfume to cover the smell on their clothes. While the other two don't mask it. I'm pregnant, so me personally I've tried to kinda keep my distance at times because I know the lingering smell on their clothes is just as bad. Today I had one of the coworkers who doesn't cover it literally come by me and reach over and stand by me while I ate on break and the smell really bothered me. And I politely asked if he had just smoked and he said yes. Then I said I can smell you it's strong. And he asked me do you not like the smell of smoke? And I said no it's just not safe to inhale especially pregnant it's third hand. And he sat there and tried to call me a liar and I just had to cut the conversation short. I may not have acted as politely as I should. But I guess my question is, is it wrong of me to ask the coworkers who don't cover the scent to cover it? Or is it rude?