One scary ER trip lastnight


I had a very bad scare last night. I am still shaking from it. I just want to vent and share.

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and yesterday I started to feel my baby boy moving around what it felt like in my vagina. That continued. I was a little worried at first because I felt that same way but when I was like 38 weeks with my daughter when she was making her way to my birth canal. Anyways later that night around 12pm I started to feel alot of pressure in my vagina. I mean a lot. So me being a worry wort with high anxiety I call the nurse line for her to ease my mind so I can go to sleep. Thinking she was just going to ease my mind. Well she advises me to lay down on my left side and drink a couple sips of water and call her back in an hour. So in that hour I am still feeling a lot of pressure and all of a sudden I get a big urge that I am going to pee my pants. So I walk to the bathroom holding my crotch because of all that pressure and pee which was a lot. I then lay back down and 5 minutes go by and I feel like I am going to pee my pants again. So I get up and pee and same thing, tons of pee like I haven't peed in hours. Lay back down and boom that happens again. I call the nurse back letting her know its getting worse and my massive ammouts of urine that's happening. She then advises me to go to the ER right away as my amniotic fluid could be leaking. So not what I was hoping for was hoping for her to ease my mind I get a totally different response which then got me really scared and anxiety just through the roof. 3am I go to the ER and they rush me back and I was like I need to pee now like right now. So they give me a urine collecting cup I run to the bathroom and start to pee and with in seconds it was over filling with clear fluid. Mind you I can never even fill up those cups half way. So I start shaking BAD walk in and just bust in to tears saying it was overfilling and I can never even fill these cups half way. Then they get really scared and send the OBGYN down from upstairs to me. People rushing in and of course I am expecting the worst. My baby boy is coming tonight and its not time. He's to little. I am going to have to push my baby out and burry him. So I am just shaking and feeling like I am going to have a heart attack. They check my cervix and it was closed but he was very low. They swept me to see if it was my amniotic fluid and sent it for testing. The wait for those results seemed like it took forever. Tons of people in my room holding my hand calming me and there of course expecting the worse as well. I lay there and pray and pray just please make sure my baby boy is okay. He's not ready to come yet. Its not time. Finally they walk in. It was not amniotic fluid. It felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders. He was okay. Everything is going to be okay. But what could be causing this? They send me to an ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid which looked great. So here it was him with his head nestled up right on my cervix. Like head just right by it while just punching away. I am so so so glad my baby boy is okay. I am still shaking from last night. I thought my life was going to change forever. But wow this little boy sure gave us one hell of a scare! He's causing trouble already. Picture because look at my baby's cute little bum!!!!!!