let her cry or pick her up?

my "MIL" is very old school when it comes to babies. she's not with the times of what is ok and not ok to do with babies. things have changed alot in the 16 years it's been since she's had babies. but since she's had 4 kids and this is my first she thinks she knows it all and everything I do is wrong. well my daughter particularly hates tummy time. she's ok for a little while but after so long she will start to fuss and cry. if she's not flipped over or picked up she will scream her head off. and when she does tummy time over at their house my mil will just let her latest there and bury her face in the blanket and scream and cry so hard little tears stream down her face. and every time I pick her up she makes a comment about how I spoil her and that I need to let her cry. well excuse me but it seems a little counter productive because once she gets to that point she is no longer doing tummy time. she is no longer trying to prop herself up with her arms. she is no longer trying to lift her head and strengthen her muscles. she's doing nothing but crying and in my opinion not getting good airflow to her lungs from her face being buried into the ground. but what do I know? I'm a FTM....😒 am I in the wrong.? should I leave her to cry like that? I don't constantly coddle my child. I do let her cry. but not when it comes to tummy time. I let her be the judge of when it's over.

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