Cervix Pain

Chelsea ā€¢ November 10, 2016 - Elijah Joseph W šŸ’•
I'm a first time mom and I am 1 cm dialated. I get this sort of feeling down in my cervix that I'd best describe as scrapping, pulling pain ever since I was checked at my 36 week appointment last Tuesday. It isn't the worst feeling, but it scares me because I don't want my little one coming early. He needs to stay in there for me for the next 3 weeks. šŸ™ Praying!Ā 
I've also noticed that his movements have changed. It doesn't seem like he moves less, but the nature of his movements are different. They're more just subtle pokes and rolls, they don't seem as strong as they were before.Ā 
Any other moms experienced this before? Did you little one end up coming early?