Can Your s/o have Prego symptoms but not you??

Jamaica • Hello! Been using glow since i was 15 and went through a pregnancy and still using Glow! I love it❤️

So I'm 17(just turned) and my boyfriend thinks I'm pregnant, cause we had sex a total of 3 times since we been together we been together for 3 months now,But we had sex all in one month(first 2 times we had condom, 3rd time no condom and he came inside me) he told me that he was having pregnancy symptoms like he said he was nausea this morning. I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet because I'm waiting to see if I get my period or not which, is suposed to come in a week. The only symptoms I have really been experiencing are fatigue and food cravings and sometimes dizziness. Now my OTHER question is should I take a pregnancy test now or wait till period?!

Please help