If your boyfriend falls asleep after sex is that a bad thing?

Been with my honey for 8 months, we live together now with my parents for a bit but In the beginning of our relationship when it was new and fresh and he had his own place we would lay down together and talk for a bit and snuggle after, but now he just walks into his room (parents have us sleep in different rooms of course LOL) but he falls asleep. After we have sex he's still sweet as always. Kissed me and hugged me for a good 2 minutes and asked me to come lay with him and snuggle up to him when he falls a sleep but he also has to be up for work at 4:00am and we got done having sex at 10:00pm so I get it. But like this normal? I just find it weird you know? Is he just getting comfortable now with our relationship that he falls asleep? Is it normal or should I be worried. During the day when we have sex he won't really fall a sleep sometimes he'll just be normal after. Is it just because it was later at night and is tired and has to be up for work? Or is it more. Thanks! 😊😊😊 I'm 20 and he's 24!