Breastfeeding and Irregular Period...GOT MY BFP

​First let me say... I am breastfeeding my almost 2 years old, have very irregular periods, just came off the mirena 61 days ago, work nights and I was taking fertilaide! I didn't think I was going to get pregnant easy; I thought I was going to be TTC for a long time. As soon as I had my mirena removed, I bought the easy@home ovulation/pregnancy tests (the 50 pack). I had no clue about ovulation before because my first pregnancy was an accident and I only had 4 periods that years. So I got only faint positive in my "fertile window" (my made up one since I had no idea when I would get a period. For that whole week I experienced; twinges, HEART BURN, nausea and was awful. So at around CD 35 day I decided what the heck take a test...bad move...BFN. I was feeling out and confused about my body. Then around CD 57 I started to feel the same way I did during my fertile window. So I thought my body must not have ovulated the first time...time to OPK test and BD some more. Well, for a week straight my ovulation tests got darker and darker and darker, I thought "oh it's just an LH surge before my period...grrrrreat" :/ but at the end of the week I said screw it, I'm taking a dang test. By this point I have went through 25 pregnancy tests ALL negative, besides 2 Evap lines. I was doubtful but went to the $ store and picked one up for $1. Waited and waited for morning to test...I couldn't sleep and was day dreaming about a positive test but felt doubtful. I am on CD 65 and I took my little cup, pee'd, and dropped 3 little drops on the test strip and BAM within seconds had a line, and after a few minutes an even darker line! I can't believe it! I can't believe it wasn't just faint but REALLY POSITIVE! It's been 8 weeks since my period so I am so excited to go to doctor and see how far along I am! I'm so excited for my daughter to have a sibiling and so excited to be within a month of my sister-in-laws due date!
​Miracles do happen!!!