Cradle or crib?

My father in law is a woodworker and as soon as we told him we were expecting, he said he'd build us a crib. Well, he has finished it and while it's beautiful and well-made, he built a cradle that rocks - not a crib like we had expected. 
I'm very grateful that he spent time making this, but I've read rocking cradles are unsafe because it can roll the baby onto its tummy and cause suffocation. We also have 2 cats, and while we want to keep them out of the baby's room, I'm worried they could get in, jump up and rock it. 
I'm stressing out because I don't want to feel ungrateful and not use it, but I've yet to find the positives to using a cradle over a crib. I'd really like to not take any risks when it comes to my baby's safety.
Do any of you use and like a cradle for your baby?

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