Need advice

Me and my ex boyfriend were together for almost 8 years we have been broken up for about 2 1/2 months he is the one who broke up with me because he said we were arguing too much and I do agree and regret that we did. We still talk almost every day and have sex and he hangs out with me at my house with my family every once in a while and he does tell me he still cares about me and misses me and the only reason why we haven't got back together is because of fighting. These are the hardest 2 months For me . We have had times were we were going to break up because of this same reason . Do you think he still want to be with me in a relationship ? Or do you think he's trying to let me down easy ? I tear up just writing that I don't want to loose him any advice on showing him I'm done with stupid little fights and get him to not just ignore them but work them out because it's not  just me causing fights ?