26 weeks

So me being high risk I woke up with horrible pains around my belly and towards my back this went on for an hour I finally went in because i was convinced something wasn't right got to the hospital still in those pains. No bleeding. All they did was check me and take a urine sample.My cervix wasn't dialated and I had no infection. I figure me being high risk they'd do more then that. These weren't just little pains. I WAS IN PAIN. Missed my sono appt with my high risk doctor thinking id get one at the hospital to check things. My nurse stated it could be because I had sex last night or round ligament pains. Really for almost 2 hours with these pains. Has anyone had 2 hours worth of ligament pains or after sex?? I've been having pains since Friday but this morning took the cake. I'm really nervous, my headache don't want to go away.