baby is born!!

Cirila Rose
6 lb 15 oz
19.25 inches long
So, thought I'd tell my story to keep me awake while the fiancé naps. Went into labor at midnight on the 23rd. When they say you'll know the difference boy were they right! Contractions were a little to spread out to head straight in, so we got the bags together, car seat in the car etc. labor and delivery tells me to wait till the contractions get closer together and to take some Tylenol and have a bath to deal with pain. Less than half an hour later pain is excruciating and contractions are 4 mins apart and about a minute long so we head on in. The pain was so bad I skipped all the stuff I thought I would try and went straight for the epidural. Had to wait 3 hours for it though because it was a Sunday and there was only one anesthesiologist. There were also four other births happening that night! I had a car accident at 24 weeks that messed up my back really bad and that caused a number of issues with the epidural including it not working at my tailbone and it wearing off every 2-3 hours :/ I was in labor for 31 hours all in all. At 31 hours they told me my cervix was basically refusing to drop making it hard for baby to come out. By this time I was so exhausted from the constant pain I decided to go for the c section. It was terrifying going into it, but it was over fast and now I have my precious little girl in my arms. Gonna be a bit more recovery than a vaginal birth and to top it off I'm super sore from the long labor. But I wouldn't change a thing! Also since it took 31 hours she arrived on her due date!