😭😫 another month another disappointment 😢

Erica • Proud IVF mummy ❤️
This month made 3 years of ttc, at the beginning of the month I was feeling positive. I had a HSG scan done for the first time this month and have heard good things about the chances after, but the radiologist said he wasn't sure if I was ovulating every month. I thought that was me out for the month as it wasn't going to happen. Around a week later at cd 18 I started getting ewcm, so getting excited that it had just happend late I took an opk that was close to positive and bd an hour later. I spent the tww trying to put it out my mind because apparently that helps. Well got up this morning and Af has showed up a day early. I am so fed up of the dissapointment and so emotionally drained from trying I just want to give up. It's been 36 gut wrenching months and not a single positive. And now all I can do is try to hold back the tears and pretend it don't make me feel less of a woman with every failed attempt. Sorry for the long depressing rant but I really needed it.