Holy crap that was weird?

Cheyanne • ♠♎♠
So I was just chilling watching this horror movie cus I love horror and halloween so I figured I'd get into the spirit lol I am 7dpo and expect af on Halloween actually and although blood may be suiting for the season, I'd rather have a little bug in me lol so anyhow watching this movie and the main character catches something and starts turning into a zombie. Well anyways it was toward the end and there was a scene where maggots fell out of her and mind you, I love the walking Dead and gory stuff, have never been squeamish, and for some reason I got kind light headed, my heart started beating and I ran to rhe bathroom to puke! I had to text my bf it was so weird and idk if that could be a sign of a BFP in the future? Along with this my bfs brother stopped by as he usually does on tue cus of wrestling, only this time he scared the living daylights out of me by pounding on the door, and I started crying!! Like what's wrong with me hahah