Has anyone ever...


Has anyone on here left their SO. While they were pregnant? I know it's kind of a weird question but even though I love my SO there was a part of me that wasn't %100 sure about us before I got pregnant, I think I just ignored it most of the time. We got pregnant unexpectedly and even though I've tried to just look past our differences there's still that nagging part of me that feels like it's not right. Definitely have more bad times than good. Our communication is terrible (no matter how hard I try). There's a lot of reasons that I feel like I should stay, though maybe they aren't the best ones. 1) I do love him, for plenty of reasons. 2) I'm afraid to go through this alone. 3) I will be financially unstable, especially on mat leave. 4) I am scared no one else will want me.

I don't need any rude comments I am just looking to see if anyone else has gone through with it or had at least thought the same way and how they coped.

Thanks in advance.