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Carlota • Everything that shines ain`t always going to be gold.
So in our car ride today with my fiancé.. I asked him randomly if he had any exes he was friends with.. He said no but he has "friends" he's done stuff with and have remained friends.. Like people he's met.. Done stuff with.. Sex and etc and then never dated and now just became friends.. He said that's okay? I got weirded out but not upset, just confused because I had something like that before and he made me stop in contact with them.. So I did and now he's pulling this shit? He ever even said he'll stop being in contact with his "friends" he's done stuff with in the past! Like how awkward.. We may be together somewhere and his "friend" sees me and be like "yeah you're with the guy I fucked that one night, now we're friends.. Can we be friends"?? FUCK NO! Am I just thinking too much here? I'm so weirded out!