EDD 11/2.... when will my nesting stage be here?

First time mom here in my 37th week of pregnancy. 20 days left with an EDD of 11/22.... I can't wait to meet our daughter! I know the "nesting stage" kicks in with a burst of energy like right before your baby decides to make their grand entrance. Although her nursery is 98% complete, I still need to pack our bags, complete her coming home outfit, install car seat and buy a few things for myself. I'm still working full time in an office but am just trying to budget wisely so all of those things are the last minute purchases. Carseat is already purchased, just need to install. I know it will all get done but I am becoming a little anxious. The thing that worries me most is our house and how it could use a good deep clean. I've told myself I would work on 1 room every day but have gotten to the point where just 30 minutes of constant activity really hurts my back and brings about sharp round ligament pains in my stomach... so that idea has not been successfu (so far). My husband is doing the best he knows how to but honestly chooses to not do the deep cleaning duties. I almost thought of paying a cleaning company to come out and clean but am waiting for the funds for that also. I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning and can't stand that I can't physically do it. I know everything will be OK but my question to you is - what was your approach to the chores and to-do lists with so little time left before babies arrival? I'm waiting for this nesting stage to kick in but at this point I am exhausted with aching bones and half open eyes. I have had a very easy pregnancy with the last week or so really exhausting me. Any suggestions are appreciated. Even words or tips of encouragemen. Will my nesting phase ever kick in?