teenage pregnancy vent

Rickyia • 💞😘
Teenage pregnacy is at an all time high! I'm only 17 & almost half of my childhood peers has at least one child. I'm not judging anyone for having a baby young but please be smart & know all of your options. It's not cute to depend on the government or your parents for assistance. I understand mistakes happen but don't make one that can change your life drastically forever! You have options such as adoptions, abortions, birth control, etc. We're still young & there is still so much we haven't even seen yet. Almost all girls who have a baby under the age of 18 ends up being a single parent🤔 I don't know about you but I wish to be stable in all aspects of my life before I think about bringing a child into this world. Yes I know there are females who beats the stereotypical teenage pregnancy life & actually becomes somebody but for most teenage moms that's not the case! It's all happening so fast & honestly it makes me sad because when I decide to have kids all of my friends kids will be in grade school🙄 slow down, you are a adult longer than you are a child. Enjoy your life, set goals for yourself, graduate high school at least, travel the world, etc!