I have been dating my boyfriend for 9 months, as of tomorrow. During the time of us just talking, and it wasn't serious, I had to go to my ex's house to get my things. I was texting my NOW boyfriend the whole time and then hit a bump where I stopped texting him for a while... my ex boyfriend came into the bathroom why I was using it and blocked the door. I couldn't get out and  I couldn't do anything... he raped me that day. My boyfriend asked me time and time again what happened and I made up a lie saying that I fell asleep, he took me home then I fell asleep at home. Last night I finally told him. I saw my ex and after trying so hard to put it behind me I couldn't and I felt he needed to know. I told him and now he doesn't trust me... he's thinking about breaking up with me. I don't know what to do! I know I lied at first about what happened but how the hell can I tell someone that I barely knew at the time that I was raped. I mean yeah I trusted him but I couldn't just blurt it out. It's hard to talk about it and I denied him ever touching me... I mean what percentage of rape victims actually come out about it? He despises me BC I lied about it but I didn't know how to even tell him. I need advice 😭😭😭