is this everything I need?

Portable Crib & Mattress
Mattress protector & sheets
Baby bouncer/swing (for sleeping the first few months)
Cloth diaper stash
Diaper sprayer
Prefolds (as burp cloth and changing pads)
Diaper bag
Muslin blankets
Convertible car seat
90-degree-hip carrier (like ergobaby)
Sling carrier
Jogger stroller
Home safety kit
Grooming/health kit
Movement/oxygen monitor (my splurge item)
Bottles & bottle cleaning brushes
Already have a drying rack that works
Unexpectantly, though happily, pregnant. My husband is a college student and his grandparents are happy to come and sit for us. I work full time as a bank teller. Most of this will probably be bought second hand to keep things cheap (although I'll make sure that they're within dates of expiration and watch out for recalls). Are there things I can take off? Things that I need to add? Shocked with the news and wanting to make sure I have everything I'll need without breaking the bank or over shopping. We live in a 600sq foot 1 bedroom apartment and will be converting a closet into a nursery. We also have a rocking recliner that I'll use as a rocking/nursing chair. Breast pump is provided by our insurance.
Also anonymous because I have friends and family TTC and we haven't announced yet to anyone but grandparents (basically my husbands parents)
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