Hello, I'm 22 and I have been living with my SO for a little over a year now. I'm finishing up college, and I had most of it paid for but I did have to take like 3,000 in loans a few semesters ago. I don't have to start paying them back until 2017. (Can't remember if it's June or September). I make 9.00 an hour at my job right now, and get paid biweekly. My SO is a delivery driver and makes 6.00 an hour, biweekly pay. He brings home about $300 a week. My hours fluctuate, but in a good two weeks I bring home about $600. My rent right now is $500, and utilies are about $200. I have some other minor bills that I pay for as well. I also have to pay for gas and groceries. We rarely spend any money on entertainment and I never have the chance to save money. The problem I have with budgeting is that these numbers are just weak averages... the bills and income fluctuate so much over just a month that it's hard to predict how much money I will need or will have. I always make it by, but usually just by the tip of my fingers. I could use some advice, or even some encouragement. I'm trying my hardest to be a proper adult lol