Is this too mean of me?

Tay ❤️
My husband doesn't support my decision to give birth without pain medication. It's something that I've been working for and researching my entire pregnancy and I take my decision very seriously. I'm so sick of random people telling me that I can't do it or I'll change my mind and I've come to the point where I can just ignore them and not feel like I have to justify myself. But I'm 37 weeks pregnant and he comes home saying he talked to some doctor friend of his and brings up the argument again because she told him he should convince me to get the epidural. Mind you, she's never met me. Apparently she told him how it works and now he thinks he knows better than I do. First of all, no one knows until they give birth what it will be like and as a man I feel like he has even less right to make me feel like I need to be medicated. I have a different mindset about birth than he does. I think it's a natural and beautiful experience and I'm honestly excited to go into labor because I believe it's what my body was created for. But I know that natural birth will be difficult and I need support not someone telling me I can't do it. He's my absolute best friend and I want him to support me so bad but he clearly doesn't understand. So my question is, should I not let him in the delivery room? Not to punish him but because I truly want a natural birth and I can't do it with his nagging me to get pain meds, I'm afraid he'll just throw off my concentration. Is that too mean? I want him to witness the birth of his daughter but I'm so fed up with the way he thinks of birth and we don't have much time to change his mind.