Words of encouragement


I wouldn't normally write a public post on social media for this, and I have never posted in this app, but I really need encouragement from anywhere I can get it right now. On the morning of Halloween, I got out of an abusive marriage. I've been out for three days. I'm still figuring out how to handle life. My priest and my family have been wonderful in their support.

My husband abused me in a number of ways, and I sought help from different resources, but my priest was the only person willing to help. I didn't tell my immediate family about the abuse until now. The night before Halloween, the situation got completely out of hand, and I had to text my priest while my husband was asleep so he wouldn't hear the phone and try to stop me. The priest called the police, and they took my husband away.

I am still in shock, but I am safe. I can't sleep without a night light. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings that tumble and turn inside, but I know that I can live a better life.