pregnant, already?!

I gave birth to my 2nd baby, Kennedy, 7 weeks ago ❤️ I healed pretty fast, no tearing or stitches and I'm breastfeeding only. I stopped bleeding at 2 weeks and had sex with my partner, Kennedy's dad by week 3. All in all we've had sex about 10 times now, we had about 4 slip ups. By week 6 I started my period so I figured and my doctor figured I was in the clear. I haven't taken a pregnancy test and I wasn't asked to take one at my 6week check up because I declined birth control. 
So it's week 7 and I'm feeling real pregnant all over again. Classic symptoms 😩. Could my period be coming back already & this is PMS, just sick or could I actually be pregnant, AGAIN!? HELPPPPP
UPDATE 12/23/16
My period came 11/19/16 but now I am 5 days late. Cramping like my period is coming but nothing!!! Geez what have we done! My baby girl won't even be 12 months 😩😭