Being An Irrational Psycho, I Think I Have Baby Blues....Help :(

I've previously posted a picture of me and my boyfriend ranting about how I can't wait for our son to be born and be his twin. He's half black half Filipino and I'm 3/4 Mexican 1/4 white (mainly Irish). Well our son is almost a month old and looks NOTHING like my boyfriend, skin tone, features, nothing. My boyfriend isn't denying him at all but I am obsessing so much over thinking what other people are probably thinking. I get my son is mainly Mexican, only a quarter black and a quarter Filipino but I had this idea in my head that I'd give birth to a mini of my boyfriend and when that didn't happen I'm having a hard time accepting it. I know how incredibly stupid I sound and I should be grateful for a healthy baby and not be so focused on his appearance but I just don't get how we have a little white baby with none of his dad's features that I love so much. Anyone else experienced these emotions before? Or does anyone have kids of this mix that can share pictures?