diastasis recti pain?

Carissa • new momma to ethan leonidas
hi guys!
i am 22+2 with first baby. I am a yoga instructor and was active before getting pregnant and think i had a pretty strong core.
I have had sharp shooting, excruciating, pains around and above my belly button for the past week and a half and it caves in as seen in the picture. I went to the hospital it was so bad on Monday and they said it was diastasis recti (splitting of the ab muscles). baby is fine thankfully - but what the heck!?
i cant do yoga or anything very active now according to providers. 
my research online looks like others with DR usually get it during baby # 2,3 and it usually isnt painful.
the pain leaves me in tears when it comes on, like im being stabbed in the stomach for 3-30 min depending on the episode.
anyone had this or have any tips as to what to do? i miss yoga! im afraid to do much / even have sex with my partner :( 
thanks guys,
newbie mommy