finally put my foot down

I left my abusive boyfriend yesterday.. 
things were fine for the longest time but he decided to get drunk and proceed to yell at me in my face and throw shit around my apartment.. 
needless to say I was worked up and it caused me to go into light labour.. I went and got checked out and I was in fact having contractions! Nothing to make baby come yet but enough that he was stressed out in there.. 
Well that was my breaking point! My family and I rallied up last night and moved all my stuff and babies things to my parents. 
I am heartbroken that my little family was torn apart but I know deep down this decision had to be made.. 
I couldn't bring a baby into that crap and no way am I letting my son see someone treat me like a peice of garbage! He will be raised to respect women and treat them like gold! 
I am having a hard time emotionally but I know my family is here for me no matter what! 
For now I guess take one day at a time and hope baby comes in a natural way and and not due to stress.