My hearts hurts. Don't know where to run..

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Today at 3:15 am I hear a thud and my son on the floor crying..he fell out of my bed from my arms idk how I let him go I ran to him and consoled him my father came into my room as well held him too of course saying "this is why he needs to be in his bassinet" I calmed him down and fed him..he seems fine but my heart and mind are scarred and I feel like I F*cked up as a mom (single mom) I'm scared to sleep with him again...putting him in the bassinet again just scares me...I have a long first day of school in a couple hours and I know I'm going to be a Nervous wreck 1st of all feeling horrible with that image in my head of hearing him fall and he's on the floor crying and feeling like I screwed up....I NEED MOM HELP TO CALM ME DOWN FROM CRYING! I CAN'T SLEEP