I'm a mess

Hi on October 24th (1 day before glow predicted my ovulation day) I had protected sexual intercourse & the condom came off inside of me. It's been 1 week & 4 days since. I don't know if this is possible but my period is due the 9th.... I took a test last night (nov 3rd) with the first response 6 days sooner & it was the faintest line pretty much invisible & then I took one about 45 minutes later & nothing. Probably diluted urine??? The 24th of Oct. was the only day I had sex that month. I will retest but I'm 100% sure that it was positive faint or not. And I'm freaking out. 
I'm looking into abortion clinics now in the Houston area. I can't use insurance because I'm under my parents insurance. I'm 20. They pay for college & I live with them. I don't work because they don't let me.Telling them is not an option. I will never see daylight again. ***** my question is, has anyone had or know about a low priced abortion clinic around the Houston area??? Preferably pill/non surgical. 
How much did y'all pay??  I looked some up but I found one whom I'm waiting a call back from. Im terrified. Scared and feel alone. Please help. Thank you so much. If you have experience with this, I know it's weird but could I exchange numbers with you??? I need like, a hand to hold through this. I don't know what I'm doing please and thank you.