I literally post every hour about baby names on here... oh gosh. Anyways, we've FINALLY decided on a baby name. Bentley. Anyways, I came across the name last week and I absolutely hated it and said "never". A couple days ago I came across it again and I said it was alright and I would consider it. Last night I came across it again, and now I like it.. I life the idea of calling him Ben or Benny for a nickname. I like the idea of introducing him as my son bentley. I just like everything about it. Except, I still have a weird feeling about it. I like the name, but theres something that's stopping me from saying I LOVE the name. When I was having my daughter I came across Kingsley and just new it was the one, no questioning, never even considered changing it. Bentlee is the only name I've considered. I've looked in MANY baby books. I'm on here hours a day reading names. I'm looking online. I can't find anything but Bentlee that just stuck to me. Why am I having this feeling? Will I regret it later on? Any experiences?

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