1st postpartum check up questions

So I will be going to my first postpartum appointment next week and I am kind of scared!  Most of my stitches have healed (I had a 2nd degree tear) but -sorry for TMI - I still seem to be 'closed for business' down there.  I was just trying to inspect the area and let's just say it feels like my vagina is closed off.  Maybe scar tissue?  I'm not sure but I would not be able to have sex/wear a tampon even if I wanted to.  So when reading about what to expect I read that the Dr will check to see if my cervix is closed.  I am freaking out!! How is he going to check if he can't see in there? Are they going to force it open?? I really want to cry thinking about this.... I'm not ready for ANYTHING to happen down there. So... What happens at the appointment? Has anyone else had this happen? Please share! Thanks!