over it all

My boyfriend and I got into an argument. About were we should live he said I should go back to my parents and he live with a family friend. (We are both 25)  financially it will help out a lot since we are barely getting by 
Anyways then he proceeded to tell me he hasn't been happy for awhile and feels we are not compatible ( we been together for 2 years).  I had no idea we barely talk because of work but he has never sat down and said. We should work on us and fix this and so on 
I have tryed everything and seems like he does not care.  
I'm also 22 weeks pregnant and. He told me he only wanted one child and that I should of aborted the kid because it. Only keeping us together which shouldn't be the case  baby's are not for that reason at all   And he has not supported me through this pregnancy  at all his family doesn't even seem to care not once have they asked how I am or anything and he basically said he not attracted to me or Inlove with me nor does he see a future  yet he says maybe this time apart will help our relationship 
So now I feel so alone he said he'll be there for me when I move to my parents but idk how that will be possible since he will be an hour away  and I can tell he probably talking to some other women  
Im not asking if he'll change or anything because I'm more focused on my child and me but I'm so hurt he not even going to try work on our relationship 2 years just down the tubes. 
In a way I hope he'll be there for our daughter yet I don't know. 
End of rant :(