please read, need advice on HIP issues

Keriann • 👑 Ashlynn Noelle • 11.26 🐱🐰🐠
So I've noticed that maybe for the past year, maybe longer, that when I walk I lean to the right because it's "more comfortable" and if I walk standing straight my left hip will hurt a lot. I noticed that in the beginning my hip would hurt when I walked, I can't remember precisely when this began though. 
I noticed one day that I could see the difference. I could see in the mirror that it did not look like I was standing up straight but I was. It looked at though from the front I was crooked. But I would try to look at my spine and see if that was the issue, it was not. So it cannot be scoliosis or something with my spine. It is all my left hip. 
Today I looked in the mirror and noticed that there has been an increase of how noticeable my hip is. I was standing straight but it looked like I was purposely pushing my hip out to the side. Of course I was not, but looking at my left side it looked at though my hipbone was pretty large. Looking at my right side, it looks nonexistent. It's almost as if my hips have shifted to one side in my body. And on top of it I have to wear a boot on my left foot because of a dance injury, so the uneven height adds to this hip issue I believe. Causing me to walk unevenly and cause hip pain. I am uneven as it is, my left leg is maybe an inch longer than my right leg. If I put all my weight on my right leg it looks as though my hips are even. But all my weight on my left, cause it too look more uneven. 
I have previously been to get X-rays on my hip but they said that nothing showed and to just see a physical therapist. (Which I ended up forgetting about and getting caught up in life's events.) 
This is starting to really concern me. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? I could really use some advice.