Anyone gotten a second opinion?

Last week (after two failed <a href="">IUI</a> due to low sperm) our doctor told us that we need <a href="">IVF</a> and also wants us to see a urologist. Sooo expensive.. Just, wow. So we asked inlaws for financial help and they agreed pending we get a second opinion? I don't want to go through all those tests again and my husband is acting like the urologist or another fertility doctor will magically tell him he doesn't have an issue. (He had "ok enough" sperm amout but 3% morphology which is why we were prescribed <a href="">IUI</a> but then when it counted he had below 200,000 count each time).   Has anyone switched doctors and did you have to retake all your tests, and were you or hubby rediagnosed? Right now I'm accepting that my husband had low sperm (male factor) and all I've been told is I have irregular cycles (29 to 36 days) and subclinical hypothyroidism.