3 guys. One decision

So I recently ended things with my long time boyfriend because of lack of trust in our relationship and lack of health in our relationship. I love him a lot still and we've been communicating a lot and he really wants to work things out. But since we've ended things, I've started talking to 2 really great guys whom I would love to get to know. One, we'll call "😊" is really cool and funny and has the most amazing personality but is a bit older than me..by like 4 years which isn't usual for me but I'm okay with it. 😊 asked to come over my place on Sunday and I really want him to do I said of course. Then the other new guy who tops everyone in looks and has a good job and is also super sweet and funny we'll call "😍". Has been trying to hang out for a week and I've been so busy! So back to my ex boyfriend. He texted me asking if we could hang out Sunday and I was like uhh I'm busy Sunday how about Saturday and he agreed. So I guess we're supposed to be talking about things on Saturday when we go out for dinner. 😍 asked me minutes later if he could take me to the movies and the beach this weekend and I HAD to say yes because, guys this dude is beyond my dream. So I told him Friday and he said he'd call off of work to see me. Now. My dilemma is, for one, I have 3 guys lined up each day of the weekend and I'm a bit over whelmed πŸ˜…. My ex asked me to make my decision by next Monday morning and I'm super unsure of what or who I want. But if I choose him I have to drop two amazing guys and miss 2 possibly great chances. But if I choose to end things I'm gonna lose our history and time spent together to gamble on another chance at love. All 3 guys are fairly amazin but I just wish I could have one guy with the history I have with my ex, the appearance and status of 😍 and the personality of 😊. HELP!!!