Just need some support

Marie • Hello, my name is Marie, I'm 27 years old and I joined this website the moment I found out that I was pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and I'm praying for a 100% healthy baby boy or girl 😊
My baby is a month old and he's always crying especially if he's left alone for more than 30 minutes. I am a single mom I'm so stressed out. I can't stop crying...I can't get anything done around here... My house is a mess.. I'm hearing mice and I fear mice so bad to the point where I barely go in my kitchen.. I haven't ate all day. Just been snacking on things. I'm so hungry but afraid to go in there.. I'm late on rent.. Behind on bills..need to clean my house and do laundry.. I'm just overly stressed because I'm doing this alone. I work from home overnight and I don't know how I'm going to do this. It feels like my whole life is crashing down. This can't be life. I pray every day and night I never been this low in life. I just want God to answer my prayers. I'm really going through it.