Pregnancy and Boyfriend Question:)

I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 19 and 20 in June. Recently my boyfriend has been asking when do I get my period,he never cares when I get it or asks about it! 1-2 weeks ago he asked me when do I get my period and just asked me again when do you get your period,he never cared.. It's just been feeling lately that some cum has been doing in me,I know there is pre-cum but it's felt like some sperm has been going inside me,I'm not on BC and we use the withdrawal method. I don't need no hate or anything,if I became pregnant we would obviously keep and raise the baby but I just don't know if he's trying to get me pregnant because he's always asking about my period now! He told me before when I had baby fever that he wasn't ready and wants to finish university but recently when I brang it up he said if it happened he would be a father then and I told him I liked the name Parker for a boy and he said he liked it too and was fine with it! I know this may be confusing but he just never asks.. I asked him why he wanted to know and he said he was hair wondering and I made a joke and said 'you wanna know when I get my period for sex?;)' and he said 'Nooo Adrianna!!' I asked him if he cummed once and he said he never and would know if he did