undiagnosed 4th degree tear

I had a 43 hour labor with a 3.5 hour pushing phase and had a 3rd degree tear, I think I got close to 20 stitches. I had a very hard time recovering. Once things started to feel remotely normal I started experiencing things that felt not right. Like possibly when I pass gas it feels it may be coming out of my vagina. Embarrassing. Yes🙈. I kept thinking that things just felt weird but were healing right and I must be wrong bc my 6 week appointment went great and they said things were healing. My baby is now 6months and I really believe I had an undiagnosed 4th degree tear. Any experience with this? What are the medical and possible legal reprocussions of this for me and the birth center? When I tore in birth they didn't even know how to stitch me and had to call in another nurse🙄. Wondering if I should go to an outside medical facility or back to where I gave birth for an exam?