I have been finding SO MUCH porn on my boyfriend's phone for a couple months now. I haven't said anything because I don't want him to get mad at me for looking on his phone. I found it one day when my phone was acting up and I went to use his. Ever since then it's like an addiction. I have to check every day to see if i find more. I'm almost 32 weeks and we were having sex about every other day. Since I've found this I just don't want to have sex with him, because I just think he's not even thinking about me. It's been seriously hurting me and making me feel worse about myself then I already do. I mean he tells me all day everyday how sexy he thinks i am and he comes onto me all the time. So why do you need to watch the porn? I don't know if it's my hormones making me go this crazy. I'm usually not the "crazy girl" that checks her boyfriend's phone whenever he leaves it home. Is anyone else's man doing the same thing? Am I over reacting? What should I do?! Please help! And it's not just one video, its 6 or 7. Today it was 9 videos!