Election result: Reconsidering TTC...

Sarah ★★★

Hi all. I've gone through two miscarriages in the last 16 months. No kids/successful pregnancies yet.

Husband and I are planning to see a specialist and start getting tests done. From there, once we got more info, we would decide how we wanted to move forward with conceiving.

This is still the plan. But after the election, we are both not super pumped about having kids right now. We still want to... But really reconsidering if it's a good idea right now.

I'm 32, so the clock is definitely ticking. Also, due to my social location, activism, and associates/colleagues, I could very easily end up in jail over the next year or two.

Is a child a liability in these times?

Not sure if I'm looking for advice... Just thoughts. Sort of wondering if there is anyone else out there with similar thoughts running through them...