what would you do about this straight up childish shit???

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my boyfriend's mother got on my damn last nerve today. we went over there today and she was in a bad mood. and just yelling and anyone who talked to her. well eventually as the visit went on she went into her bedroom and plopped a bag of clothes in front of me and said "here you take these home because apparently I'm a pill addict and abuse my pills and I'm not a good enough of a grandma to watch my granddaughter over night so you take them cuz I bought them and don't want her to outgrow them." like what are you even talking about? I for the record never said this. she has had a lot of back surgeries in her past and has a large bag full of medications (all prescribed to her) that she takes. once she takes the medications she needs to be in bed sleeping. if she is not in bed sleeping she will literally fall asleep standing up and if she tries to talk to you she sounds drunk. I never said my daughter couldn't spend the night there, she is 5 and a half months old, my only issue is that someone else would have to get up with her in the night. that's all I said and I tried to explain this to her but she kept talking over me the whole time telling me I was lying and wouldn't even let me finish a single sentence. so I just said whatever. well then the topic of baby food came up later. and we just started my daughter on bananas today. just to let her try them. and she snottily snapped " Oh you're letting her eat food? you should have been feeding her food like 3 months ago. but you guys would rather listen to the WIC people over me." so I corrected her and said no, we're listening to her doctor who said she can't start solid foods until around 6 months. to which her response was "well the doctor I took my kids to said that parents need to listen to the grandmas because they have had kids so they know what they're talking about." 😑😑😑😑 I've never been more irritated. please tell me it gets better. I've been away from her for more than 5 hours now and I have a pounding head ache still from all her yelling and just flat out acting like a 10 year old.